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(GP) is a website with a mission to advance environmental markets. GP appreciates when individuals and organizations purchase from GP to support a worthy cause. Visit and browse below to learn more about the services and products that you can purchase from GP. On occasion, you can get access to sweepstakes through GP and earn gift cards from the products you purchase from GP.


Achieve your goal of investing in environmental commodities and hosting your website with a green web host.Click on the "Green Tag" below to learn more about investing in environmental commodities known as renewable energy credits (RECs) by hosting your website with GreenGeeks (the World's Most Environmentally Responsible website hosting service).



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-GP's Lead Generation service (Learn More.)

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-GP's Researcher service (Learn More.)

-GP's Syndication service (Learn More.)


Use the "Contact" link below or search for on Linkedin to request custom services (e.g., environmental consulting, environmental research, etc.).


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