green business (GP) - 10+ Years Green Equity (Happy GP Day?! and Earth Day?!)

GP was founded in January 2010 (10+ years ago!) ... and Earth Day is in April


Is every day EARTH DAY?!

GP's 10+ years of "green equity" are derived from the sustainability of GreenGeeks (a green web hosting provider).

GreenGeeks is the world's most environmentally responsible web hosting service. GreenGeeks has gone green by purchasing lots of renewable energy credits (REC) and planting trees all over the world.

GP is a marketing affiliate of eco-friendly company GreenGeeks

GP’s mission is to advance green markets. GreenGeeks is the World's Most Environmentally Responsible website hosting service.

Click on the "Green Banner" above to learn more about investing in environmental commodities known as renewable energy credits (RECs) by hosting your business website with GreenGeeks (the World's Most Environmentally Responsible website hosting service) to enhance your business' sustainability or triple bottom line strategy.