GP Seasonal Eco-friendly (Map-based) Traveler (job and/or recreation)

GP is an information services business (color creative and seasonal news, advertising, and information) with a niche in green markets.

Job and/or Recreation Type:

100% of the traveler revenue (driving income + web maps points/incentives)


People that want to reduce their travel (driving) related emissions and other emissions while making money driving to events (or for Amazon Flex) and contributing to web maps can use GP to select a sustainable rental car, ride share program, delivery program, or web map for seasonal leisure and work days.

You can join eco-friendly ride-share / delivery programs (such as Amazon Flex) or web map programs (such as Google Maps) seasonally by searching for "ride share app", "delivery app", or “map app” with GP's Search Engine...

You are investing in environmental commodities or other green markets by using the search engine above. The search engine is eco-friendly because GP uses the ad revenue from its search engine to invest in environmental commodities or other green markets (e.g., carbon offsets, renewable energy credits (RECs), etc.) in the United States and around the world.