(GP) - 10+ Years Green Equity (Happy GP Day and Earth Day?!)

GP was founded 10+ years ago! ... and Earth Day is over 3 months away


Is every day EARTH DAY?!

GP's 10+ years of "green equity" is derived from the sustainability of GreenGeeks (a green web hosting provider).

GreenGeeks is the world's most environmentally responsible web hosting service. GreenGeeks has gone green by purchasing lots of renewable energy credits (REC) and planting trees all over the world.

Check out the first link below to go green, build websites, and save money with GreenGeeks and view the second link in the "green equity" image below to see a sample of GP's green equity (GreenGeeks invoice for GP verifying GP's green equity in the sample year):

You are investing in environmental commodities or other green markets by clicking on the ads on this site. The ads on this site are eco-friendly because GP uses the ad revenue from this site to invest in green markets (e.g., carbon offsets, renewable energy credits (RECs), etc.) in the United States and around the world.