Event Media Advisory

If you have an event that could revitalize environmental markets & policy, you can write about it and then use GP to advise the media about your environmental event. Event Media Advisory is powered by GP's Report Profile platform. A Report Profile is a concise profile of a report that discusses environmental markets & policy. 

How does Event Media Advisory work?

1) You create a GP account.


2) You compose a report and post a Report Profile.

  • Describe your environmental event and how it can revitalize the current environmental market & policy landscape. 

3) You contact GP.

  • Inquire about Event Media Advisory. 
  • Inform GP about the assistance you need from prospective media.

4) GP reviews your request for Event Media Advisory.

  • You will be notified if your request is approved.

5) If approved, you can confirm your request by selecting an Event Media Advisory package.


6) If a package is selected, GP attaches a customized contact form to your Report Profile. 

  • The form will aggregate the information you need to connect with prospective media. 

 7) GP places your Report Profile on a featured list to promote your event.


8) You can sit back and wait for the media to start promoting.