Green Jobs Lead Generation

Developers and organizations that are developing environmental projects (e.g., forestry, renewable energy, mitigation banks, etc.) and hiring for green jobs can use GP to generate leads for prospective green jobs applicants.

How does Green Jobs Lead Generation work?

1) You create a GP account.


2) You develop a project and post an Environmental Project Profile.

  • Describe the employment opportunities available for the environmental project.

3) You contact GP.

  • Inquire about Green Jobs Lead Generation.
  • Inform GP about the information you need from prospective green jobs applicants.

4) GP reviews your request for Green Jobs Lead Generation.

  • You will be notified if your request is approved.

5) If approved, you can confirm your request by selecting a Green Jobs Lead Generation package.


6) If a package is selected, GP attaches a customized contact form to your Environmental Project Profile. 

  • The form will aggregate the information you need from prospective green jobs applicants. 

7) GP places your Environmental Project Profile on a featured list to promote your green jobs.


8) You can sit back and wait for the leads to start generating.