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Achieve your goal of hiring for green jobs by using GP's Green Jobs Lead Generation service. The Environmental Project Profile is the foundation for a service that GP offers called Green Jobs Lead Generation. Environmental projects often lead to the creation of green jobs and GP allows project developers, investors, and employers to showcase this quality by posting (for a fee) an Environmental Project Profile that highlights the creation of green jobs and links to a green jobs application form.

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Achieve your goal of reducing your impact on the environment by using GP's search engine. GP hosts an eco-friendly search engine. Use the green box below as a search engine service to search for anything. The search engine is eco-friendly because GP uses the ad revenue from its search engine to invest in environmental commodities (e.g., carbon offsets, renewable energy credits (RECs), etc.) in the United States and around the world.


Achieve your other green goals by requesting custom services (e.g., environmental consulting, environmental research, etc.). Use the "Contact" link below to request custom services.