Fundraiser Microblogger

How would you like to microblog for a cause and earn some money at the same time? As a GP Fundraiser Microblogger, you’ll be able to do just that.


As you know, GP is in the process of building a system that will compensate bloggers and freelance writers for their contributions to the web.


Why does GP want to help bloggers and freelance writers?


Scores of people are online trying to find ways to supplement their income. After analyzing the world of blogging and online freelance writers, it’s clear that these people need help. A lot of these people are pouring in hours and hours of hard work and passion into their online writing. Tons of people essentially have online journals filled with great articles and original content but they never get discovered. The sad part is that no one will ever get to appreciate the contributions these people are making to the web. With your help GP can change that.


With this fundraising initiative, hopefully these severely neglected and non-paid web contributors will be compensated for their hard work and they will be able to gain additional exposure from the republication of their work. This site could also inspire a new batch of untapped environmental writers to enter the blogosphere and start contributing quality content. If people know that they will be recognized, compensated, and appreciated for their hard work, they will be willing to take a risk in this economy and start sharing their environmental knowledge with you and the rest of the online community. GP is raising funds to compensate the currently neglected and non-paid web contributors in our communities and to inspire people to take a risk and undertake the challenge of entering a new occupation such as environmental blogging or freelance writing.


Now you can help to accomplish something very noble.


How cool and noble would it be to say that the funds gathered for bloggers and writers were made possible by the power of blogging itself? It would truly mean so much more to have the funds used to compensate bloggers and writers generated through such means.


Every time you make a microblog post on your twitter account about what GP is trying to accomplish, you can place a link to a GP donation widget at the end.


You could also just place a link to a GP donation widget at a permanent location on your twitter account, blog, or website.


To compensate you for your fundraising efforts, you’ll receive (a very generous) 50% of every donation made through your GP donation widget. The remaining 50% will be used to compensate bloggers and freelance writers who contribute to GP.


Get the word out about GP today and become a Fundraiser Microblogger. To receive your own GP donation widget, fill out the form below.


Only members of GP will be considered for Fundraiser Microblogger. Join Today.

Only members of GP will be considered for Fundraiser Microblogger. Join Today.

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