Event Media Advisory

If you have an event that could revitalize environmental markets, you can write about it and then use GP to advise the media about your environmental event. Event Media Advisory is powered by GP's Professional Profile platform. A Professional Profile is a concise profile of an environmental professional's background. The profiles include details such as education, current job title, current employer, employment city, employment state, employment country, LinkedIn Profile URL, and news/updates/more information.


*Organizations that reduce their travel related emissions and other emissions can use GP to select a sustainable host city and meeting facility by contacting Greenprofiler.com Travel with social media. Share a Greenprofiler.com Travel post about eco-friendly travel options at Google Maps with social media links for FREE Event Media Advisory services.*

How does Event Media Advisory work?

The Environmental Professional & News Profile is the foundation for a service that GP offers called Event Media Advisory. Environmental events could lead to the revitalization of the current environmental market landscape and GP allows professionals to showcase this quality by posting (for a fee) an Environmental Professional & News Profile that highlights the revitalization of environmental markets and links to forms that collect information for connections with prospective media promotions.

1) You create a GP account.


2) You compose a report and post a Professional Profile.

  • Describe your environmental event and how it can revitalize the current environmental market landscape. 

3) You contact GP.

  • Inquire about Event Media Advisory. 
  • Inform GP about the assistance you need from prospective media.

4) GP reviews your request for Event Media Advisory.

  • You will be notified if your request is approved.

5) If approved, you can confirm your request by selecting an Event Media Advisory package.


6) If a package is selected, GP attaches a customized contact form to your Professional Profile. 

  • The form will aggregate the information you need to connect with prospective media. 

 7) GP places your Professional Profile on a featured list to promote your event.


8) You can sit back and wait for the media to start promoting.