Sunnyside Farms Solar System

Sunnyside Farms Solar System is 936 ground-mounted solar panels at 220 watts each, on approximately 1 acre, in Carroll County, Maryland. The financing mechanism for the solar power system includes a $220,500 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, a $50,000 grant from the Maryland Energy Administration, a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, and SRECs. The total cost for the solar power system was $900,000.
Earth and Air Technologies LLC
Sunnyside Farms, United States Department of Agriculture, Maryland Energy Administration
Financing Mechanisms: 
Environmental Commodities
Government Grants
Environmental Commodities: 
Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)
Commodities Availability: 
Project Status: 
Project Mission: 
GHG Avoidance
Renewable Generation
Project Impact: 
The Sunnyside Farm Solar System has cut the Sunnyside Farms electric bill by over 25%. The solar system produces enough electricity to power 20 to 25 homes. The solar power system is expected to produce 250 to 300 SRECs per year, with sale prices around $275 to $300 per SREC.