Halkirk Wind Project

The Halkirk Wind Project is a 2 phase wind farm development in Alberta, Canada. Each phase will have a capacity of 150 MW. The wind project was previously a 50-50 joint venture between Greengate Power Corp. and Edmonton's Capital Power. Capital Power bought out the wind project for $33 million.
Greengate Power Corp.
Capital Power L.P., PG&E
Financing Mechanisms: 
Environmental Commodities
Private Equity
Purchase Agreements
Environmental Commodities: 
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
Commodities Availability: 
Project Status: 
Project Mission: 
GHG Avoidance
Renewable Generation
Project Impact: 
The Halkirk Wind Project will provide enough electricity for approximately 50,000 homes and reduce GHG emissions by 300,000 tonnes per year.