ICT Energy Management

Organizations that reduce their carbon footprints can use GP to save energy and money. ICT Energy Management is powered by GP's Job Profile platform. A Job Profile is a concise profile of employment opportunities in analyzing or managing energy, sustainability, environmental projects, and other related fields.

How does ICT Energy Management work?


1) You create a GP account.


2) You develop an opportunity in analyzing or managing ICT energy and post a Job Profile.

  • Describe the source of your carbon footprints.

3) You contact GP.

  • Inquire about ICT Energy Management.
  • Inform GP about the information you need from prospective energy efficiency management experts.

4) GP reviews your request for ICT Energy Management.

  • You will be notified if your request is approved.

5) If approved, you can confirm your request by selecting an ICT Energy Management package.


6) If a package is selected, GP attaches a customized contact form to your Job Profile. 

  • The form will aggregate the information you need from prospective energy efficiency management experts. 

7) GP places your Job Profile on a featured list to promote your opportunity in analyzing or managing ICT energy.


8) You can sit back and wait for the environmental ICT savings.