GP Seasonal Alerts and/or Sales

GP is an information services business (color creative and seasonal news, advertising, and information) with a niche in environmental markets.

Current Service Type:
Seasonal Alerts and/or Sales - GP Seasonal Eco-friendly Savings Consumer (a search engine based job and/or recreation)

Current Service Value:
100% of the savings revenue and rewards


People that want to reduce their environmental impact while saving money at ecommerce sites and brick stores (with coupons, Rewards Programs, etc.) can use GP to select a sustainable savings and rewards program for seasonal leisure and work days.

You can join an eco-friendly rewards program seasonally (such as Target’s Circle program) by searching for "coupons”, “rewards", “savings”, “sale”, or “discount” with GP's Search Engine...

You are investing in environmental commodities by using the search engine above. The search engine is eco-friendly because GP uses the ad revenue from its search engine to invest in environmental commodities (e.g., carbon offsets, renewable energy credits (RECs), etc.) in the United States and around the world.

(Happy Earth Day?!)