About GP

Sylvan Green is an American entrepreneur who founded GP and is living, working, playing as a "tourist" in his own city. Sylvan holds two degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and is a former NCAA Division 1 Ivy League track and field sprinter (600m PR).

Greenprofiler.com (GP) is a website that allows the users to create and/or edit and share green profiles and personal blog posts about environmental concepts that have showed up in the news, a person's green decision-making in their life, work, and/or recreation, and projects that lead to green sales (such as selling environmental commodities, starting or expanding an environmental initiative or venture, and creating green jobs). Users can get paid for posting or editing green profiles and personal blog posts.

In addition to hosting green profiles and blog posts and/or articles (such as news, press releases, or blog posts), GP practices/provides color creative and seasonal news, advertising, and information services for individuals and/or organizations with green goals.